Performance Evaluation of Symmetric and Asymmetric XG Passive Optical Networks


  • Mortada.M.Abdulwahab
  • Mogahid.M.Eldaw


Fiber optic, XG-PON, BER, Bi-directional transmission, , OLT


The passive optical network refers to the optical network that configured without using any electrical components. XG-Passive optical Network (PON) is the first generation of the future optical network which is widely demanded for transmitting massive information. The paper aims to study the performance of XG-PON using different types of fiber optics and also to evaluate the performance of symmetric and asymmetric XG-PON. In this paper two model designs of XGPON are shown. The first model uses a single direction fiber and the other uses a bidirectional optic fiber. The two models are used to evaluate the performance of XG-PON for both single direction optical line and bidirectional optical line. The paper discusses the basic structure and performance of symmetric and asymmetric XG-PON. The performance evaluations scope includes the measuring values of the bit error rate BER and the quality factor. The obtained results reveal that when using the same parameters, the resulted bit error rate of the bidirectional design is (1.2087×10-13). The obtained results show that the bidirectional design reflects better performance than single directional design and also proves that asymmetric XG-PON performance is better than the symmetric one.

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