An IoT Monitoring Design System of Road Overweight Vehicles Based on Raspberry Pi


  • Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab Gezira University
  • Marwa Hassan Alnour Collage of Science and Technology
  • Zeinab Ibrahim Alnour Collage of Science and Technology
  • Abuelgasim F Abuelgasim Alnour Collage of Science and Technology
  • Noon J Moukhtar Alnour Collage of Science and Technology


Raspberry Pi, Sensr, IoT, Electronic Design


The overload vehicles are the basic challenge of the road users because they caused many harms for roads in addition to increasing  the accidents ratio on the roads. There are many peoples are dead every day due to collapsing of roads. Automatic monitoring system became necessary and highly demand to overcome this problem. This paper presented a  design of wireless monitoring system based on Raspberry Pi model and used camera for monitoring any case of  breaking the law. The design in this paper is a low cost design because it has simple structure. The system established a database to archive all the cases of infirming the allowed legal weight limit of the road. The camera will captures an image when the vehicle's weight is out of allowed limit, the data is sent directly to the database which includes the date ,time, weight and the path of the captured image. A web page is used to provide an easy monitoring of the system. The system is experimentally tested several times and the obtained results show that the system has good performance and accurate results..  

Author Biography

Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab, Gezira University

Associate professor


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Abdulwahab, M. M., Hassan, M., Ibrahim, Z., Abuelgasim, A. F., & Moukhtar, N. J. (2020). An IoT Monitoring Design System of Road Overweight Vehicles Based on Raspberry Pi. International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJEEAS), 3(1), 33–38. Retrieved from

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