Design of Wireless Automatic Microwave Antenna Alignment System


  • Mortada M. Abdulwahab
  • Zainelabdin Yousif
  • Mohamed Alnour
  • Omer Abuzaid


Antenna, Design, Xbee, Alignment


Microwave link alignment is an important operation in communication systems. Misalignment in line of sight link due to rain, wind etc is considered the basic problem faced by the microwave system. This problem caused a direct termination of the microwave link. Automatic antenna alignment will guarantee best communication at the link’s ends without any risks of human interface. This paper presents low cost design of an automatic antenna alignment system based on Arduino and using Xbee wireless technology. The design proposed in the paper is by automatically adjusting the horizontal and vertical angles in the transmitter and receiver sides of the microwave link. The controller compares the measured values of these two angles with the reference values. The correction of error in the angles is done by moving the antenna towards the correct position. The design was tested in different angles positions and the results are reported in the paper. The simulation results verify that the system works successful.


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