Design of Wireless Monitoring and Controlling System of Power Transmission Lines


  • Jaafar Ismail Abdallah Al-Gazira Technical Collage
  • Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab Gezira University


Electric line, Sensors, Wireless control, Xbee


In the traditional overhead power transmission lines systems, detection of the faults in electric lines is more difficulty, and leads to take more times to  repair it. The faults resulting from  loads or current leakage are difficult to detect. This paper offers a monitoring system for the weather conditions such as humidity, temperature, and rainfall, and also monitoring the current flow of the line to detect the faults and specified the fault region. The system disconnect the power when an over value exist. The design consist a group of nodes, each one contains a transmitter and receiver unit. The transmitter consists of group of sensors DHT11 sensor, Rain sensor and ACS755 which sends the measured information as frames via Xbee technology. All these nodes send their data to the main node. Virtual Serial Port Emulator VSPE used to access multiple nodes on the main pc. The results in this paper shows the performance of the system when all the parameters were within the allowed range. The design also was simulated in different out range values of over current, high humidity and high rainfall. The obtained results were accurate and prove that it works successfully.

Author Biography

Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab, Gezira University

Associate professor


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