Design of Wireless Control Mixing System of Liquids using Raspberry Pi Device


  • Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab Gezira University
  • Ahmed Babiker Alnour collage of Sciences and Technology
  • Talal Abdulrhman Alnour collage of Sciences and Technology
  • Mohammed Alnour Alnour collage of Sciences and Technology


Control, Mixing, Raspberry pi, Wi-Fi, programming


The use of automation technology in the field of mixing liquids assists to reduce
errors in this process which improved the quality of products. Liquid mixing machines often require a number of workers in order to operate the machines which increases the risk to them. This paper proposes wireless design for mixing three different liquids using raspberry pi technology. The design aims to provide lower risk rates, lower cost and high accuracy. The mechanism of mixing the three liquids and filling the tanks is done automatically using raspberry pi and ultrasonic sensors. Users must have to login with the correct IP address and password in order to access the application using a Wi-Fi connection. The system consists of three sub tanks filling the main tank in specifec ratio for each one. The programming of this implemention is accompleshed using python language. The experimental results have proven that the system works successfully and it can be applied in a real environment.

Author Biography

Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab, Gezira University

Associate professor


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