Liquid Slosh Suppression Hardware-in-the-Loop System by Implementing PID Model-Free Controller


  • Mohd Zaidi Mohd Tumar
  • Wan Norhisyam Abd Rashid
  • A Shamsul Rahimi A Subki
  • Mohammad Afif Kasno
  • Shahrizal Saat
  • Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras


liquid slosh suppression, Labview, myRIO, PID controller


Traditionally, the model-based controllers are hard to implement for the container system which contains liquid due to the disordered behavior of the liquid slosh. The purpose of this article is to develop a liquid slosh suppression hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) system by implementing model-free PID controller. This system consists of DC motor to actuate the liquid container/tank to the prescribed location in the horizontal movement in the same time minimize the liquid slosh. The feedback signal from the encoder is used for developing the model-free PID controller. The experiment works is done by using LabVIEW and interfaced with hardware via data acquisition card. The performances evaluation of the liquid slosh suppression HIL system are based on the
ability of the tank to follow the input in horizontal motion and liquid slosh level reduction. Based on the experimental results, the suggested model-free PID controller is capable to reduce the liquid
slosh level up to 75% in the same time produces fast input tracking of the tank compared to system
without PID.


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