Ethernet-Networking Technology: A Surface Review on Current Issues




Ethernet, Ethernet based technologies, Ethernet technologies in automotive


Ethernet has evolved throughout the years and still remains relevant in modern communication applications. Its reliability and easy configurability is one of the most liked feature for device communications. Hence, in this paper a surface review upon Ethernet is carried out. Several aspects of Ethernet and its application is investigated on its current researches and achievements. Ethernet applications is used in leading design technologies in the automotive and aviation industry another popular application of it is in the industrial sector. The energy usage of Ethernet and its common issues are also reviewed. From the reviews done, it can be clearly seen that the role of Ethernet in modern network technology is still important as its features are desirable and its flaws consistently being overcome despite the issues of the Ethernet.

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mechatronics department, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,

Universiti teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM)


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