Braking System for a 3-phase Induction Motor in Traditional Petroleum Mining


  • Harrij Mukti K. State Polytechnic of Malang
  • Rohmanita Duanaputri Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Imron Ridzki Politeknik Negeri Malang
  • Muhammad Fahmi Hakim Politeknik Negeri Malang


A 3-phase induction motor prototype is designed for traditional petroleum mine, which is 48 kW for the capacity and 3000 rpm for rotational speed, to pull and insert a petroleum tube into a petroleum well. However, the braking system for the induction motor has not yet been designed.  Consequently, the motor is unable stop immediately. Therefore, this study designed and tested the braking system that was suitable for this kind of induction motor by using the method of applying mechanical, dynamic and hybrid braking directly to the induction motor and then test the duration of the motor stopping. Based on the results of the analysis, it was found that the hybrid braking system, that was mechanical braking and dynamic braking configuration E, had the fastest braking duration, which only need time within 0.25 s for stopping the motor. Hence this hybrid braking system is the most suitable for 3-phase induction motors in a traditional petroleum mine.




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Harrij Mukti K., Rohmanita Duanaputri, Imron Ridzki, & Muhammad Fahmi Hakim. (2024). Braking System for a 3-phase Induction Motor in Traditional Petroleum Mining. International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJEEAS), 7(1). Retrieved from

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