Optimization Techniques to Enhance Voltage Stability in Power System

A Review towards Improving Bhutanese Power Network


  • Karchung Karchung Jigme Namgyel Engineering College, Royal University of Bhutan


With the rising trend of restructuring in the electric power industry like the inclusion of renewable energy (RE) and stretching of long lines, several transmission lines throughout the world have been forced to operate at almost full capacity. As a result, more incidents of voltage instability and collapse are being recorded, culminating in major system failures. It is high time the power operators look for a solution and make any necessary improvement in power system. Therefore, the voltage stability has recently been one of the power engineers' primary concerns. The voltage stability studies seek to maintain consistently acceptable voltages in all power system buses under normal and post-disturbance situations. It is critical to focus on voltage integrity, which might otherwise result in massive losses. One of the primary causes of voltage failure, among others, is an insufficient supply of reactive power in the system. The reactive power handling capabilities of a system can be enhanced by using a flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) device. Nonetheless, given the cost implications of these FACTS devices, Bhutan would not opt for it. This paper, therefore, presents and examines different optimization algorithms used to improve the voltage profile of the network through various methods. The paper makes a comparative analysis of modern and widely used optimization techniques to achieve enhancement in voltage stability and feasible recommendations are made.  




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