Evaluation of Parameters in the Development of a Building Protection System


  • Aris Suryadi Politeknik Enjinering Indorama
  • Didik Notosudjono Universitas Pakuan


lightning rod, protection needs, strike radius


This research aims to determine the external lightning protection system that has been installed as well as determine the effectiveness of the lightning protection system. The method is carried out by observation, measurement of building protection needs from lightning strikes, protection radius, conductor distribution, and ground termination. The evaluation results there is a radius of 150 m that has been previously designed to protect buildings that are scattered with high termination air of 30 m from the ground and the measurement results of earth resistance after adding 3 copper conductors with a diameter of ¾ inch with a length of  2 m, obtained measurement results of 1.55 ohm.  


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