Steering Angle Control of Rack Steering Vehicle using Antiwindup-PI-Control


  • Addie Irawan Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering Technology, Universiti Malaysia Pahang


Rack steering vehicle, steering positioning, antiwindup control, dynamics


The precision of the steering in a vehicle is one of the issues that need to be tackled for safety and energy efficiencies, especially in the motion at the cornering or turning. The issue is crucial especially for vehicles with a non-holonomic system such as rack steering vehicles, as it is more prone towards high collisions to the peer walls or off-road incidents due to the inertia factor. Therefore, this has taken the initiative to propose a steering precision control strategy using the proportional and integral (PI) control that considers the Rack Steering Vehicle (RSV) dynamics and its friction as well as aerodynamics disturbances. The control objective is emphasized on steering input precision in which steering feedback response is derived from the vehicle dynamics with disturbances. The RSV model and the antiwindup-PI control are model and simulated in order to verify the proposed control strategy for the RSV system. The results show that with small fine tunes on the antiwindup-PI controller, the steering input is controlled precisely with a very minor steady-state error if compare to the single PI controller. Regarding vehicle axial velocities, both horizontal (X-axis) and vertical (Y-axis) velocities are controllable without radical fluctuated as well as oscillation speed if compare to the RSV with PI controller.


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