Experimental Investigation on Thermoelectric Generator for Battery- Charger Based Oven


  • Chow Khoon Keat University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Politeknik Ungku Omar
  • Goh Wan Ching Wawasan Open University
  • Kong Kok Hong Vektron Instrument Sdn Bhd


Energy harvesting, thermoelectric generator (TEG), heat waste,


In this research paper, thermoelectric generator (TEG) module was embedded inside the oven to harvest electrical energy from heat waste of the kitchen oven.  The development of experimental setup was investigated in closed-circuit from room temperature rise to 150°C in 60 min using kitchen oven with custom-made aluminum heatsink with built-in water-cooling tank attached on the TEG module. The maximum voltage output was generated about 1.87V in single TEG module where gradient of TEG was measured about 0.0337V/°C.  The harvested output of voltage was demonstrated by charging a single lithium battery ‘AA’ in 110 mins for full-charged and it was able to power a LED torch light.

Author Biographies

Chow Khoon Keat, University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka Politeknik Ungku Omar


Kolej Komuniti Sungai Siput

Goh Wan Ching, Wawasan Open University

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

Wawasan Open University

Kong Kok Hong, Vektron Instrument Sdn Bhd

Service Engineer,

Vektron Instrument Sdn. Bhd


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Datasheet Peltier Cooler Available: https://datasheet.octopart.com/MCPE1-12707AC-S-Multicomp-datasheet-46741149.pdf, [08.08.2018].




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Keat, C. K., Ching, G. W., & Hong, K. K. (2019). Experimental Investigation on Thermoelectric Generator for Battery- Charger Based Oven. International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJEEAS), 2(2), 39–44. Retrieved from https://ijeeas.utem.edu.my/ijeeas/article/view/5170