Mitigation Voltage Sag Using DVR with Power Distribution Networks for Enhancing the Power System Quality


  • Amer Nasr A. Elghaffar Minia
  • Ali M. Eltamaly Mansoura University
  • Yehia Sayed Minia University
  • Abou-Hashema M. El-Sayed Minia University


Power System Quality, Voltage Sag, DVR, High Voltage


The fast developments in power electronic technology have made it possible to mitigate voltage disturbances in power system. Among the voltage disturbances challenging the industry, the voltage sags are considered the most important problem to the sensitive loads. The Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) is mainly used in a utility grid to protect the sensitive loads from power quality problems, such as voltage sags and swells. However, the effectiveness of the DVR can wane under unbalanced grid voltage conditions. DVR is recognized to be the best effective solution to overcome this problem. The primary advantage of the DVR is keeping the users always on-line with high quality constant voltage maintaining the continuity of production. In this paper, the usefulness of including DVR in distribution system for the purpose of voltage sag and swell mitigation is described. This paper describes the DVR operation strategies and control. The DVR operation with the distribution networks is found very efficient for detecting and clearing any power quality disturbance in distribution systems. Results of simulation using MATLAB/Simulink are demonstrated to prove the usefulness of this DVR design and operation to enhance the power system quality.

Author Biographies

Amer Nasr A. Elghaffar, Minia

Researcher, Electrical Engineering Department, Minia University, Egypt

Ali M. Eltamaly, Mansoura University

Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Mansoura University, Egypt

Yehia Sayed, Minia University

Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Minia University, Egypt

Abou-Hashema M. El-Sayed, Minia University

Professor, Electrical Engineering Department, Minia University, Egypt


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Nasr A. Elghaffar, A., M. Eltamaly, A., Sayed, Y., & M. El-Sayed, A.-H. (2018). Mitigation Voltage Sag Using DVR with Power Distribution Networks for Enhancing the Power System Quality. International Journal of Electrical Engineering and Applied Sciences (IJEEAS), 1(2), 61–68. Retrieved from



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