Design of Integrated Bandpass Filter-Vivaldi Antenna for Microwave Applications


  • Dayang Azra Awang Mat Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


antenna, engineering, microwave, filter


This paper presents the proposed design of Integrated Bandpass Filter-Vivaldi Antenna for microwave system applications. Both of these passives components play important roles as the front-end device in transceiver technology. Conventionally, antenna and filter are connected separately leading to impedance mismatch that would affect the whole performance of the overall system. To overcome this problem, an integrated filter-antenna design is proposed, where both devices are combined together into a single sub-module. The proposed design would benefit so much in terms of miniaturization and cost. The proposed antenna and filter used in this research is the antipodal Vivaldi antenna and an Open-Loop Resonator Bandpass Filter (OLRBPF) operating at 2.4GHz frequency band. The structure is constructed on an FR4 substrate with a thickness of 1.6 mm and permittivity of 4.7 using cascaded and co-design method. The proposed designs are simulated in Agilent Advance Design System (ADS2016). It is shown that the size of both devices is reduced, the performance of the filter antenna is also enhanced in terms of directivity up to 9.538dBi (co-design) and 5.860 dBi (cascaded).

Author Biography

Dayang Azra Awang Mat, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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